Tekken Mobile – Tested

I found myself in the Bandai Namco booth for the presentation of a “still unannounced” title to find out later that it was Tekken Mobile. Since I had the opportunity to put our hands on it, we thought it appropriate to investigate a little bit about what we saw at Gamescom.


I’m going to bomb the control system, which adds some new features to well-established elements in smartphone combat titles, such as Injustice. Tap on the right side of the screen constitutes a basic attack, while on the left a parade; with the swipe, instead, you move forward or backward. At the moment there is no jump because according to the developer it is difficult to implement and would require further study by the team. So far so normal, but to add elements of strategy we think of special cards, called “Waza”, which activate particular moves, usable for example to break the guard of a very defensive adversary or to throw it in the air so that it can then inflict some combos while it is still in flight, in the most classic of the juggle.


The use of rage art – also present here – and the choice of the aforementioned cards with which to deal with each clash (together with the timing necessary to use them) will have a great weight in the probability of success. To have more and more different techniques available, you can make in-game purchases or play the single campaign, where three characters of our choice will face different levels, where they will first have to eliminate low-league minions before challenging the bosses, embodied in classic wrestlers of the various Tekken. Once defeated, these will become part of the roster: in case we had already beaten them previously, they will instead provide us with more cards with special moves for that fighter.


As expected, in Tekken Mobile will not miss the PvP, present in different declinations. The traditional asynchronous mode will be characterized by a ghost that will reflect in all and all our fighting style: the developers have told us that they have developed an advanced algorithm, which will study every game and every move with such skill to be able to faithfully replicate the tactics which we use. The curiosity to verify the final result is so great, even if, as elaborate as the Artificial Intelligence will be, it will manage everything, I don’t think I will ever be able to consider myself really “beaten” by a friend who has defeated my ghost.


However, Bandai Namco has found a way out of this type of psychological block, introducing the most interesting mode of Tekken Mobile, namely the local heads-up, thanks to which it will be possible to face any friend with a smartphone nearby in real time. Everything to be verified remains the cross-play between mobile phones with different operating systems, which was not guaranteed for the official launch because it seems that technical solutions are needed that the team does not know exactly how long it will take before being put on the plate, but on which they also focus on launching Tekken Mobile in the world of exports.

At this time Tekken Mobile is available only in Canada and in a few other countries, where it is under soft launch. For the next few months we Europeans will only be able to show our interest by registering on the tekken-mobile.com website: if a sufficient number of people participate in the initiative, a new fighter will even be created who will become part of Tekken ‘s lore and will be used also in the future titles of the series.

In essence, Tekken Mobile seeks to enrich in its own way the scene of fighting games on smartphones, introducing some features such as Waza cards and rage art that require a tactical reading of the opponent so far absent in other titles. As the developer, I challenged pointed out to me, “fight titles, in the end, are a mental game” And immediately after he took it badly from my Paul, who notoriously does not like to go too much for the subtle ( he let you win on purpose … you know, right? NdKikko ).