Who benefits from quantum computing?

Google’s quantum calculator was the pioneer – and maybe the first quantum machines will soon be practically usable. But which applications benefit from it? In this article, cityofmayfield.org tell their viewpoints. The term quantum computing has haunted the IT scene for years. Scientists and practitioners hope that quantum machines will perform certain computing tasks many times faster […]

Google Stadia Connect: conference date and time+ stream

The Mountain View company released a video announcing the date and time of Google Stadia Connect, the conference where the main information on the streaming service presented last March will be unveiled. Google is therefore about to reveal some of the most anticipated details, including the price of the service, the launch window, the games available and much more. The appointment to learn more about Stadia is […]

Dragon Quest Walk announced, a new mobile augmented reality game

At a Tokyo event, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Walk, a new augmented reality mobile title to the Pokémon GO (being developed by Colopl) that brings the iconic RPG to the real world. The title will allow the player to activate quests and fight monsters in really existing locations, it will also be possible to unlock items to be used to […]

Minecraft: Story Mode is being removed from circulation

The closure of Telltale Games is leading to several negative consequences on the side of video games developed by the now-defunct Californian company, and not even Minecraft: Story Mode is exempt from the repercussions linked to the cessation of the activity of the studio. As reported on the official website of Minecraft, both seasons episodic adventure will be removed from circulation among a […]