Deiland – Review

Deiland is a title that can attract attention right from the main menu, not even if she were the prettiest girl of the whole afternoon group in the park. The concept, however, is one of the simplest and perhaps even abused, since it looks like an action rpg sandbox with elements survival and crafting. The […]

One Hour One Life – Review

One Hour One Life: I’m in trouble and I can’t remember any words I ever found. Even an Elite: Dangerous had seemed approachable to me without any particular obstacles other than that of the little time to devote to him. Here it is different; different in the sense that the work of Jason Rohrer lends itself to approaches and readings so […]

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – War of the Alliances – Review

I played The Elder Scrolls: Legends since the beta, several months before the official launch two years ago, continuing to play for a long time even after the release, coming to collect cards from the first two expansions. Then I had to give up despite myself, mainly for reasons of time, also because I admit that I have some problems regulating […]

Project Warlock – Review

Do you remember DooM? You should. After all, it came out 25 years ago and, in these days, half the Internet is celebrating the anniversary waiting for John Carmack, his now legendary programmer, to release Sigil, a package of additional levels written for the occasion. DooM was a sort of watershed for the world of video games, the title that more than […]

Fortnite iOS – Tested

The iOS version of Fortnite has been available for a few days (the Android version will follow in a few months), which substantially repeats the Epic game that has been popular on PCs and consoles for months, and following up from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as the most played game of this period. The client can be […]